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A. Teaching Buildings and Study Rooms
+ Main Building: There is air conditioning in summer, so it is very cold, but you should prevent yourselves from catching cold.
+ New Main Building: Some space is used for study room on the first floor, with central air conditioning and good conditions.

B. Main Websites
+ Homepage of BUAA-Beihang University:
http://www.buaa.edu.cn/If you want to know all the tiny and important matters in BUAA-Beihang University, you should not ignore it!
+ Library of BUAA-Beihang University:
, there are many free literature resources available for download!
+ Beihang Future Garden BBS: http://bbs.buaa.edu.cn/, the first choice of university life, making friends and leisure and relaxation!
+ Beihang FTP: ftp://download:download@ftp.buaa.edu.cn:21 (Teaching Area FTP)

C. Computer Room and Internet Bar
+ Outside University: Woxin Flying Internet Bar, No. 10 Building of Universiade Village;

D. Wireless Network
Campus wireless network coverage area: Library reading room, No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 Teaching Buildings, and Main Building; Garden of Serenity in the front of Main Building and the surroundings, Morning Reading Garden after Zhou Building, Qiushi Square between library and office building, Campus West Road, Campus North Road, Campus East Road, Campus South Road, Campus Middle Road, road between Main Building and Library and stadium.


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